Lambeth Community use of the Buddhist Centre at the Beaufoy Institute

Potential uses of the Buddhist meditation centre by the Lambeth community was on the agenda at recent meetings of volunteers for Diamond Way Buddhism. The Beaufoy Institute on Black Prince Road in Lambeth, which will house the Buddhist centre, is a beautiful building, well-known in the area.

“We hope very much to become a strong part of the Lambeth community,” said Diamond Way trustee and former resident of the Exeter Buddhist Centre Matt Huddleston. “We’ve already met with a number of local groups and community leaders in Kennington and Vauxhall and we look forward to making more connections as we move into the Beaufoy Institute.”

Now that planning permission has been granted for Diamond Way Buddhism to move into Lambeth, thoughts have turned to the use of the different rooms in the building. The primary purpose of the centre is for Buddhist meditation, and Lambeth residents will surely benefit from this function of the Buddhist centre. In addition, current discussions look to identify concordant uses of the space, and focus around the proposed exhibition room. It is hoped that this room will serve a multifunctional purpose as the Buddhist centre’s library, exhibition space and a place for visitors to learn more about the history of the Beaufoy Institute, the remarkable role it played in the lives of especially children and women in Lambeth, and about Diamond Way Buddhism.

Buddhist meditation session at the recent statue exhibition in Lambeth

Buddhist meditation session at the exhibition in Lambeth


“It would be wonderful to have more projects in collaboration with Lambeth artists,” says Ewa Kazmierczak, curator of Diamond Way’s recent statue exhibition, held on Vauxhall Walk.


The exhibition brought together traditional artwork – statues and paintings that support Buddhist meditation – with contemporary responses and was seen by the local community as a huge success.

The nearby small hall is also being looked at as a potential space for hosting art exhibitions in collaboration with local art groups or as a place to hold workshops for local schools.

Diamond Way Buddhist centres in other parts of Europe also house Tibetan language schools and Tibetan arts workshops – an aspiration that Lambeth’s newest Buddhists also hold for their centre. In time it is hoped that there will be classes for Tibetan thangka painting and even statue making held at the Buddhist centre.

If you have any suggestions for how the Lambeth community might get involved with the new Buddhist centre, please contact us.

Objects of Buddhist meditation such as statues were on display at the exhibition in Lambeth

Buddhist meditation objects – both beautiful and useful

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