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A new Buddhist centre for London

Bringing the Beaufoy Institute Back to Life

A Buddhist centre at the Beaufoy Institute will be a meeting point for local people, Londoners and visitors from the UK and abroad, where everyone is welcome. Diamond Way Buddhism have now bought the Beaufoy Institute for our new Buddhist centre, which will be – like London itself – a vibrant place for people to exchange ideas, learn and benefit each other.

Every year we get inspired by our friends’ centres in cities all over the world – where they have brought the full benefits of Buddhism and rebuilt old factories, transformed derelict buildings and rejuvenated communities. We now have the opportunity to do it for London. The Beaufoy Institute in Lambeth has presented the opportunity for us to bring these dreams to life.  After consultation with the community and the historical buildings officer, the planning application for what will be London’s largest Buddhist centre was approved, and we’re now planning how the Lambeth community might use the Buddhist centre, and ideas for the renovation and interior design of the Beaufoy.

The new ‘Space for Mind’ project will bring wellbeing, meditation and community together. It will focus on providing authentic lay Tibetan Buddhism in an accessible, dynamic and relevant way.

This site is about our project to create a new Buddhist centre for London. If you want to learn how to meditate, learn about Buddhism, or to visit our current London Buddhist centre, see the London Diamond Way Buddhist Centre page on our national website.