The Beaufoy

The Beaufoy Institute is a grade II listed building, constructed in 1907 by Mark Hanbury Beaufoy, on Black Prince Road, just south of the Thames. It has a rich history and is itself an important part of Lambeth. However, the Institute has been unused for many years and has been placed on English Heritage’s “Buildings at Risk Register”.

Renovating the Beaufoy into a Buddhist centre

The success of Diamond Way Buddhism volunteers in renovating the Beaufoy was recognised in 2015 by the Heritage Counts programme of Heritage England and featured as a case study.

Restoring the Beaufoy Institute is bringing a new lease of life to the area and the building itself, and ensuring the building once more becomes an active and engaged part of the local community.


What a Diamond Way Buddhist centre means for Lambeth

Our Buddhist centre at the Beaufoy Institute is a meeting point for local people, Londoners and visitors from the UK and abroad, where everyone is welcome to come and learn about their mind. As our main teacher Lama Ole Nydahl kept reminding us during the long and difficult process of bidding for and buying the Beaufoy, the reason for constructing Buddhist centres is not just to have a nice place to meditate ourselves, but to make a genuine offer to others who are interested in the benefits Buddhist practice can bring.

In the end, Diamond Way Buddhism are very happy to have bought the Beaufoy Institute for our new Buddhist centre, which will be – like London itself – a vibrant place for people to exchange ideas, learn and benefit each other.