A message from the architects working on the Beaufoy Institute renovation project

The Beaufoy scheme ensures the long term benefit of the local communities by regenerating the site and bringing a much loved building back to the community and Lambeth as a whole, following the vision set for London’s developments.

The careful architectural scheme proposes retaining the D1 class use for the Beaufoy Institute, with a residential component in the annex and a garden at the rear. The proposal deals with a sensitive building that is currently at risk and slowly becoming more damaged and less viable to repair. The design is attentive, and considerate to the historic building, making use of the existing historical layout and at the same time responding to modern needs. The juxtaposition of modern contemporary spaces, overlapping with the historical building will offer a rich context for people to meet.

No major alterations are proposed to the historic part of the building, maintaining the original halls, main rooms, windows details, plaster works, etc. The new developments address the rear of the property, connecting internal social spaces with the rear garden and 2 new extensions are proposed at the sides the building on both Black Prince Rd and Vauxhall St.

In the context of the planning law and the conservation area constraints, this application is appropriately renovating the listed building, bringing it back to the community by a dynamic and socially engaging charity.

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