Millions of Buddha mantras

For the Buddha statue that’s coming to London, we need a lot of special filling items. Among the things that will be placed inside the statue are mantras. Mantras are syllables and words that express a particular enlightened aspect of mind.

In the London Buddhist centre, and in other Buddhist centres in the UK, Diamond Way volunteers have been preparing sheets with the mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha – Teyata Om Muni Muni MahaMuni Sakyamuni Ye Soha – printed in Tibetan. Many mantras used in traditional Tibetan Buddhism are “secret” – that is, they are taught only to students who have done the appropriate meditation practices. The mantra of Buddha Shakyamuni, which we are using here, has no such restrictions.

The mantras are dyed with saffron water, which has preservative properties. They must then be dried, cut, and rolled. In order to get the required amount – about 4.8 million – we will need to prepare 15,000 sheets.

You can learn more about the statue, how it was produced, and its significance on the “London Buddha statue” page.

Drying Buddha mantras for the statue

Drying Buddha mantras for the statue


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