Diamond Way cakes at Kennington Village Fete

After an epic bake-athon the day before, a Diamond Way team brought cakes galore to the Kennington Fete in Cleaver Square on Sunday 27th May where thousands of locals enjoyed a day out in glorious sunshine.

The team sold hundreds of slices of cake along with donations from the Tommyfield pub, a 12 year old local resident and Fete organiser Alex (with his glorious organic chocolate mousse). To add to the festivities, the team also hosted a “Guess the Weight” competition with a splendid Jubilee Themed cake as the subject matter and prize. A thrilled winner took home the 5.196kg beauty – we’re confident she’ll find plenty of friends to share with.  A buzzwire also kept quite a few kids busy!

The fete itself was a splendid occasion, featuring exotic dancing, the local beekeepers, a human slot machine and the famous Kennington Tandoori to keep us all entertained. It was a wonderful chance for us to work together with the local community and to raise money for this year’s cause, Kennington Market Garden.

We look forward to coming back next year!

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