Making wishes by a Buddhist monument known as a stupa is especially powerful

Make a wish!

When you’re renovating a building, there are a lot of material concerns. You have to think all the time about deadlines, administration, and above all money. Sometimes you also have to talk loudly about money..

But when that building is a Buddhist centre, there are other important factors. It’s possible to make a strong connection to the project through working on it, or giving money to enable others to work, of course, but it also creates a connection if one joins in with the aspiration behind the project.

Really wishing that the renovation of the centre helps to make a more inspiring backdrop for the Buddha’s teachings, that those who wish to use the enlightening methods of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism really have that opportunity and it benefits them in their life, and that in general all the activity is beneficial, adds power to the project and creates massive positive impressions in one’s own mind.

So if you cannot help materially at this time, no problem – wish us luck!

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