Public Lecture: Refuge

On Sunday 17th March 2019, the London Diamond Way Buddhist centre is pleased to invite you to a public lecture. The topic will be “Refuge” and the talk will be given by Sax Cammarata, lay Buddhist teacher from Italy.

How does Buddha’s 2500 year old advice apply to our busy modern lives? This talk will address the key teachings of the Buddha concerning the view, meditation, and conduct. These can be understood as methods to work towards a more relaxed state of mind, bring lasting happiness to ourselves and others, and discover the true nature of mind.

Sax Cammarata is a student of Lama Ole Nydahl. Born in 1974. Sax works in start-up software company in Bologna, Italy. He became a Buddhist in 1996 and started teaching in 2003.He edits and translates Buddhist books and meditation texts into Italian and coordinates the Buddhist centers and groups in Italy. In his free time, he enjoys motorbiking and skydiving.

Suggested donation: £7