Weekend with Florinda Czeija

The London Diamond Way Buddhist centre is pleased to invite you to a weekend of lectures by Florinda Czeija, a lay Buddhist teacher from Austria.

Florinda has been practicing Diamond Way Buddhism for over 20 years. At Lama Ole’s request, together with her husband Guido, she has been giving Buddhist teachings for over 10 years and has travelled across Europe, in Russia, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Florinda manages a physical therapy practice and teaches at the School for Visceral Therapy, which she founded. She lives in Seekirchen, near Salzburg, Austria.

Talks given across the three evenings will address essential topics in Diamond Way Buddhism:

Friday 6th December

8:00 pm Teacher and Student Relationship

Saturday 7th December

8:00pm Florinda will be joined by Marta Kessler, lay Buddhist teacher from Germany/Hungary: Using our methods to remove disturbing emotions and obstacles on the way

Sunday 8th December

2:00pm The Six Liberating Actions

Suggested donation for the lectures: £7