Check out our video that explains what we’re fundraising for:

The Beaufoy, the building that houses our London Diamond Way Buddhist centre, is over 100 years old.

Since we got the keys to the empty building and immediately started scraping thick layers of ancient paint from the walls with our main teacher Lama Ole Nydahl on that frosty January evening in 2013, three years have sped by in a blur of activity:

The small meditation hall – formerly an abandoned classroom – now has a polished wooden floor, exposed original antique tiles, and a pristine white carpet! We can offer tea to newcomers in our fine Public Lounge before meditation.

The Annex was wrapped in scaffolding while the windows and roof were replaced, and all the brickwork was power-washed for the first time in a century.

Volunteer power

Whatever did not require a professional specialist we did ourselves. We’ve learned a lot about renovating old buildings, helped very much by experienced and enthusiastic friends old and new from our Buddhist centres abroad and in the UK.

Now we want to move on to the next phase in the renovation, which we call the Three Pillar Phase.

What are we fundraising for?

The first pillar is more rooms! We want more of our members who wish to take care of the activity of the centre to be able to live there.

The second pillar is more meditation! The Great Hall (Big Gompa) needs to become a fit home for our enormous, beautiful Buddha statue, already installed in a protective case and blessed and waiting for us.

The third pillar is to weatherproof the building! As far as that’s possible in England. We will put on new tiles for the roof over the old building to keep out the rain, and install insulation to keep temperatures inside in winter higher than those outside.

How will this benefit people?

Local people already enjoy learning meditation on our public introductory evenings, and having the large meditation hall available will be very inspiring for this.

London is a very international centre and having this space available for meditation courses and other events, as well as having more accommodation, will improve our capacity to host events.

And weather-proofing the building will of course make it more comfortable for everyone and help it to last for another hundred years!

All of this activity will be a truly meaningful offer to those who are interested in developing their beyond-personal qualities through meditation.

How can I help?

To achieve all of this, we need to raise €500,000 (or pounds; we’re not fussy) by the end of the year.

You can contribute directly via Paypal.

For more information, or for other ways to donate, please contact us or catch us on one of the large international meditation courses.