Meet & Eat

One of the pillars of life in a Buddhist centre is eating together. On a full stomach, one relaxes, and becomes a bit more open to others.

The Europe Centre uses this effect in an informal daily event called Meet & Eat. Different centres, teachers, or whoever has something useful to say, give short presentations or take questions, while people eat, listen, and digest. There’s one session every lunchtime and dinner time, and it’s very popular.

At today’s Meet & Eat we spoke about the history of our project, how it originated with the wish of the 16th Karmapa to open a Karma Kagyu Buddhist centre in London, how grateful we were to, among others, Lama Jigme Rinpoche (who is teaching here at the Europe Centre Summer Course tonight) for helping us to realise this wish, and how we’re going to develop our centre – our offer – for Buddhists as well as anyone who’s interested in learning about mind.

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