Lama Ole Nydahl greatly supports our project

Take our Buddhist Centre home with you!

The laws of space-time notwithstanding, you can now bring the 2,000 sq m Beaufoy building home with you!

We have created a very limited run of models of our Buddhist centre. Some other Buddhist centres who would like to support us have taken one back to their centre. It can be a physical focal point for raising donations. It’s not only about the large numbers of pounds that we need, but also the chance for as many people as possible to make a karmic connection with the project, so even putting a single coin in the box becomes very meaningful.

If you would like to take the Beaufoy home with you, come and see us at our stand!

Don't be shy - come and see us

Don’t be shy – come and see us

The Beaufoy Box is easy to put together

The Beaufoy Box is easy to put together

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