The Art Deco villa at the heart of the Europe Centre

The Europe Centre Summer Course

The Europe Centre is the main Diamond Way centre where practitioners from all over the world come to learn from our lamas and each other.

The Summer Course is the biggest meditation course held in the Europe Centre each year. Thousands of meditators head to southern Germany. Some come weeks before to prepare the enormous infrastructure. Everything possible is done by unpaid volunteers, from creating the massive infrastructure to cooking dinner for thousands of people – and washing up afterwards – every day for two weeks.

We are very grateful that the Summer Course gave us space to promote our project this year. With over 650 centres and groups worldwide, most of which want to move or buy a place or do something else exciting, only three projects are being promoted internationally in this way. It’s a great honour and responsibility to realise that establishing a solid offer of authentic Karma Kagyu Buddhism in the capital of England is a shared wish of so many people.

Our little corner of England

Our little corner of England

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