Lambeth Council: Beaufoy Institute sale profits to be invested in Prince’s Ward

When Diamond Way Teachings and Centres bought the Beaufoy Institute, many local people were interested to hear of the benefits a prospering Buddhist centre might bring to their part of Lambeth.

One of the most immediate benefits is that Lambeth Council received £200,000 from the sale of the former Beaufoy Institute and annexe on Black Prince Road (bought by Diamond Way) and the adjoining plot of land bordering Sancroft Street (bought by Bellway Homes). This money was earmarked for local regeneration projects.

Those of us who now live in the area can not only rejoice at the benefit this is bringing to everyone (which is something very Buddhist!), but also take a personal interest in what improvements are being planned literally on our street.

Recently, Lambeth Council announced exactly where the money will be spent. Councillors Lorna Campbell, Mark Harrison and Stephen Morgan wrote on their SE11 blog that five projects will be funded. Money from the sale of the Beaufoy Institute and associated plot will be combined with the proceeds from the sale of the Old Lillian Baylis School for a number of projects.

  • Lollard Street Adventure playground, part of Lambeth Walk Open Space, was recently handed over to the Kennington Association by Lambeth Council. £113,000 from the Beaufoy proceeds will help to regenerate this important space for local residents.
  • Lambeth Living and representatives of VGERTA (Vauxhall Gardens Estate Residents and Tenants Association) proposed ‘greening’ the sunken area outside the two 1960s towers on Vauxhall Walk, which project will be funded with £30,000. Durning Library on Kennington Lane will have new computers bought.
  • Tyers Street will be investigated to see if it could be turned into a traffic-free green space, which would make this area more peaceful and pleasant.
  • Just over the road from the Beaufoy, and of interest especially to those with children, the landscaping of the playground between Mountain House and Sullivan House was also strongly supported by the poll of Princes Ward residents. This project will be funded by Lambeth Living.

You can read more about the proposals in the Local investment projects from the Beaufoy sale announced! article on the Princes Ward SE11 blog.


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